Induction – Social Care jobs in Somerset


Somerset recognises that the quality of social work practice depends on
the quality of the workforce.

Which is why we are making a commitment to develop the skills of our staff.  Our Academy will provide you with a high level of quality support which will include an induction programme for all new starters and clear continued professional development (CPD).  All the staff at the Academy work towards a culture of learning, innovation and support.

  • Induction makes a significant difference, and in Somerset we will:
  • Support you to understand the Somerset context that you will be working within.
  • Clarify expectations in line with the HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
  • Provide you with a framework in line with the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and Knowledge and Skills around which to plan your
    career and professional development.
  • Ensure you are aware of key policies and procedures.
  • Clarify the right working practices from the start.
  • Enable you to meet key contacts who you will work with and from whom you can access support.
  • Enable you to be clear about the tasks you will be expected to do.
  • Clarify accountabilities and responsibilities.




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