#ourstory – Social Care jobs in Somerset


In Somerset we are transforming the way people are supported. Our evidence shows how we are improving lives. How do we know? Our residents are telling us. Our data tells us. Our partners tell us. Our staff tell us.

Our improvements are being recognized nationally by the NHS and Local Government Association, particularly in terms of our work with our communities and micro providers to make a difference to individuals and their families. We put the person at the center of everything we do. We are one of the most improved Councils in relation to Delayed Transfers of Care which we have achieved in partnership with our NHS colleagues.

We have changed the way that our teams are structured and how they support and interact with each other. Operational and Commissioning colleagues work together to achieve the best outcomes for people so that they can be as independent as possible and the best that they can be.

Join us now and be a part of something better…


Innovation is Somerset


Our Journey

Director of Adults Services, Stephen Chandler, talks about the journey we have been on at the council, the ambition in Somerset and examples of how we are doing things differently to meet people’s needs in a better way.


Somerset Direct

Our contact centre is having better conversations with people to give them the most appropriate information and advice. More people are now being successfully helped during their first call to us.


Community Connect events

Several local events have taken place across the county to get local organisations and providers together to discuss solutions to local issues and identify opportunities to collaborate to meet people’s needs better.


Peer forums

Local groups of professionals meet to share ideas about cases so that they can come up with creative solutions to support people better. The peer forum helps to speed up decision making.


Community Connect Drop-ins

Local information points to improve people’s access to advice. The drop-ins take place at various locations across the county and more are being set up every month.


Micro-enterprise project

A unique, nationally recognised project that supports people to set up as micro-providers (independent carers). Micro-providers offer local care and support solutions for people at home.